Maggie HolmesArtist Statement

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Maggie is an abstract painter, with interests in drawing and photography which support her work.  As a mature student she completed a BA.(Hons) Fine Arts degree at Wolverhampton in 2011 and is a member of several groups of artists who exhibit regularly in the Midlands, including  5 Cubed and Take 13 (, a group of women artists.

Since her move from Stourbridge to Stratford upon Avon in 2011 she has joined the Painters Studio at Warwickshire College of Arts in Leamington and also Visual Arts Forum in Stratford.

Her current practice involves the use of acrylic materials, whether paint, inks or spray paints and recently the use of soft pastels, working on paper, canvas and MDF. She likes the physicality of paint, using gestural mark-making and often dripping, pouring and splashing the paint to explore her inner world and that of the natural world around her.

Maggie is concerned with the human condition and her work as a counsellor and psychotherapist is sometimes integrated into her art practice, Recently she has been influenced by the colour and light of the land and seascapes during her frequent visits to North Cornwall.

Finally the circle which, amongst other things is for her a symbol of unity, completion and the spiritual continues to inspire her. Maggie also works to explore and expand her practice through her art journals – a space to focus, think, reflect, explore, and create new ways of seeing...............


Maggie Holmes

June 2015